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our story

Perigon was founded by two senior financial services executives who shared the belief that a genuinely sustainable strategy – one that addresses ESG risks and embraces opportunities to impact positively – is the key to long-term commercial success for any business, that this coming decade will be the defining time to act, and that they could help.  

The founders looked back on the decades spent working in large organisations engaging in strategic development and problem solving, interfacing daily with colleagues and, often, large consultancies.


And then looked forward and imagined what would make a consulting business most effective, a pleasure to engage with and singularly focused on collaborating to provide value-adding, pragmatic solutions to sustainability issues.

And so, Perigon was born. 


our values

The Perigon Values are the litmus test for everything we do, from how we assess the fit of people we ask to join us to how we ensure that client interactions and deliverables meet the high Perigon standard.

On holiday in Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy, where there was a lot of street art and

do good, 

be good,

feel good

Authentic goodness is what we seek to achieve in our work (no greenwashing!), in how we act towards others and in how we treat ourselves.



the tea

When something needs doing, we all roll our sleeves up. If there’s debate or challenge, everyone has a voice. Nobody is too big or too small to pitch in equally.

flock together (whatever your feather)

We work in collaboration with our clients and with each other. The broader the range of perspectives and experience, the better. No-one left out, no-one left behind.



We never stop learning – about the evolving field of sustainability, about (and from) our clients and each other, and from the mistakes we make.

with feet

on the


look up

Our subject matter requires us to look over multiple horizons, think expansively and innovate. But none of that is any use if we don’t turn it into pragmatic action today.

our impact

Clearly measuring and reporting impact in a way that’s integrated with a business’s overall strategy and financials is (we believe) the way forward, particularly for purpose-led organisations. 

Access our 2022 impact report below, covering our first year of business. 

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