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our UPEND™️ model

Our UPEND™ model describes our distinctive approach to developing sustainability strategies, showcasing the key elements that are different to a lot of the other strategies we’ve witnessed.


In our experience, many companies’ sustainability strategies (“ESG” to some) fall short on:

  • Being based on a thorough understanding of impacts and dependencies across the value chain

  • Trying to do too much, not being sufficiently prioritised to focus limited resources on the things that matter most

  • Sitting separate to the company’s core commercial strategy rather than being integrated into a single strategic plan

  • Following the crowd rather than charting a distinctive path

  • Being difficult to get quick wins on the board and demonstrate progress with clear metrics



Identify (with evidence) your sustainability impacts, dependencies and exposures (including compliance changes) across the value chain.


Prioritise (fiercely!)

Assess the materiality of your impacts, risks and opportunities and ruthlessly align resources to the areas that matter most and make the biggest difference.



Make sustainability a coherent thread through your purpose, strategy, accountabilities, delivery plans, brand narrative, investor story, KPIs etc.


New path

Don’t be afraid to be different, to not sign up to the same pledge that everyone else is. If you’ve understood and prioritised, blaze that trail!


Do & demonstrate

Get some focused wins on the board, measure your impact and progress, tell your story to stakeholders and continually build from there.

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