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Our products and services aim to provide business leaders with the structure, support and expertise to assess ESG and impact prospects for their organisation, to develop strategies that progress in lock-step with commercial goals, and to measure, report and communicate outcomes. 

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We offer health checks to provide a clear diagnostic of a company’s current sustainability efforts in relation to compliance requirements (current and emerging), hygiene factors to ensure credibility and ability to effectively command differentiation through positive impact. These health checks also assess the maturity of an organisation’s sustainability operating model, looking at how effectively and efficiently sustainable thinking has been embedded across the business.

We also undertake ESG due diligence (DD) to identify key risks (that go to price) and also commercial opportunities that can add to enterprise value. Our DD services draw on significant transaction experience and are targeted at GPs and PCs. The baseline of our DD efforts is our robust ESG DDQ which also links into our proprietary double materiality tool.


We undertake double materiality assessments for our clients using our proprietary process which we developed specifically to increase the rigour and robustness of materiality exercises vs. those that we had encountered prior to founding Perigon. Our process is fully aligned to new European CSRD reporting requirements.

Double materiality assess both financial materiality (which ESG issues most affect a company’s ability to create long-term value) and impact materiality (which aspects of society – people, planet and economic prosperity – are most affected by a company’s operations.

Built upon leading industry frameworks including SASB, GRI and UN SDGs and involving rigorous desktop due diligence alongside comprehensive stakeholder engagement, we believe our double materiality assessment represents the gold standard and will set companies up well to comply with current and evolving reporting requirements including CSRD and ISSB.

The outputs from the assessment are used to guide strategy development, quick wins, and future stakeholder engagement through reporting and communications


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Effective foundations across organisational design, business processes and policies, governance, data and management information are critical underpinnings of any successful ESG endeavours.  However, these things can sometimes be overlooked as management teams focus on commercial growth and managing day-to-day operations, particularly for relatively newer or high-growth businesses.

Perigon helps clients to rapidly put in place the right conditions for success, providing best in class framework, allowing our clients to build on the learnings from others and leapfrog into a position of greater sustainability organisational maturity.

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quick start

Sustainable strategy: an enterprise strategy that embeds ESG issues at its core and optimises outcomes for people, planet and prosperity - balancing risk, returns and impact.


For too long business leaders thought of ESG as an adjunct to strategy; the last, overlooked page of any Board report. That led to inefficiency and ineffectiveness. We draw on significant corporate development experience to help businesses develop a single strategic framework that integrates the most important ESG issues and impact areas with existing enterprise strategy and commercial imperatives. We build practical implementation plans focused on specific outcomes, with agreed KPIs and targets: having a single version of the truth is crucial to keep delivery on track.


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Perigon helps clients to understand and quantify impact, dependencies, risks and commercial opportunities relating to climate change and nature. We do this with reference to best practice frameworks, standards and techniques including: GHG Protocol, Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), Environmentally-Extended Input Output (EEIO) Models, and the LEAP approach for nature.

From this robust emissions and nature impact baseline, we support clients to develop science-aligned targets and pragmatic net zero transition plans. Again, we draw on accepted frameworks and methodologies (including Science-Based Targets Institute (SBTi) and Transition Planning Taskforce (TPT)) to ensure rigour and comparability.

We arm our clients with the wherewithal to measure, understand and embed carbon emissions and nature data into their strategic planning, proposition development, risk management and investment allocation processes, including helping to advise our clients on the different data and technology solutions available. Net zero is very much the shared responsibility of every area of a business and we help take companies on that journey.

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The ESG reporting landscape continues to evolve rapidly, with the bar rising continually on what is required to comply with legislation and regulation. On top of this, stakeholder expectations continue to increase for disclosures beyond baseline compliance, meaning leading organisations tend to take a proactive approach to more holistic sustainability reporting and disclosure.

We not only support clients with legal / regulatory reporting requirements (e.g. TCFD, SECR, modern slavery, gender pay gap) but also help them to construct a coherent sustainability narrative overall that is in harmony with their commercial strategy and  builds credibility with stakeholders, We also advise on likely new ESG reporting legislation and help clients to build readiness for the likes of ISSB, TNFD, Transition Planning Taskforce disclosures (TPT) and the FCA’s SDR. For companies with a European presence, we also support ESRS reporting ahead of incoming CSRD regulation.

We give clear guidance on the benefits (vs. cost and effort) of joining up with the wide range of different voluntary frameworks, indices and alliances that operate in the ESG space and, as a B Corp Pending company ourselves, have good experience of guiding organisations through B Corp readiness and accreditation.


climate & nature
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