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climate and nature

why it matters

We believe that every company in every sector should have a clear transition plan towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient, nature positive economy.


Every company has dependencies and impacts on the climate and/or nature. Only through understanding and action can companies preserve and create positive impact and value over the long term.

Reporting of energy use and basic greenhouse gas emissions is already mandatory for many medium-sized companies under the UK's SECR ("Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting") requirements. For larger companies, existing legislation and regulation based on the TCFD demands reporting of climate-related financial risks and opportunities. 

Following publication of ISSB sustainability standards and frameworks from the Transition Plan Taskforce and the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures in 2023, the UK government and FCA are in the process of updating their reporting legislation and regulation to potentially incorporate these initiatives. 

Greater climate and nature disclosure requirements seem all but guaranteed for larger companies. This will raise the expectation bar for smaller companies too. But regardless of legislation, the better and earlier a company understands its role in the transition, the more strategic and effective it can be and the more that value will be preserved and grown as a result. 

what we do

We support clients with a range of climate- and nature-focused services and capabilities

Carbon accounting

Measurement of carbon, having assessed the relevance of different scopes and categories within the greenhouse gas protocol. 

We can deliver an excel-based model (and training for your team) or implement a digital carbon accounting tool in collaboration with one of our partners.

Nature measurement

Assessment of nature-related impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities in line with leading methodologies ("FLAG", "LEAP"). 

We work with leading-edge tools and scientific research, and are members of the TNFD forum, to understand and quantify nature impacts in this fast-developing field. 

Loans, investments

For financial services, the majority of impact on climate and nature is via lending and investment activity. 

We measure financed emissions and build plans to improve data quality using leading PCAF methodology. We are closely monitoring the emerging biodiversity equivalent (PBAF).


We develop pragmatic but ambitious long-term and interim climate targets in line with the latest science (using SBTi guidance and methodologies). 

As members of the corporate engagement programme for the nature equivalent (SBTN), we are working on developing nature-related targets too. 

Transition plans

We develop pragmatic but ambitious climate transition plans in line with "gold standard" methodologies from the Transition Plan Taskforce and (for financial services) guidance from GFANZ. 

Our plans incorporate nature and societal considerations to support a just and nature-positive transition.


We help clients understand and meet mandatory reporting requirements and take a strategic approach to voluntary reporting and disclosure. 

Our experience includes SECR, ISSB (i.e., IFRS S1 and S2 standards which now incorporate TCFD), European CSRD (and its underpinning, ESRS), TNFD and TPT.  

Here are clickable links to some of the tools and frameworks we reference if you're looking for more information. 

(note that a name here does not represent a formal partnership or alliance - see our story for those)

carbon credits

We give clear, impartial advice about the use of carbon credits and biodiversity net gain ("BNG").


Carbon credits can be useful as a way of investing beyond a company's value chain to mitigate its emissions whilst it also works to reduce towards net zero. Once all possible emissions have been abated, they are also required to neutralise the remaining emissions to reach net zero. However, over the past decade, claims of carbon neutrality thanks to offsetting have proliferated and many now risk coming under the fire of new greenwashing rules. Our advice can help to keep your claims clear, fair and not misleading. 

We can also help you invest in local, traceable carbon credits and BNG through our partner, CSX, whose purpose is to help develop a trusted BNG and carbon market, supported by cutting edge science

get in touch

Send us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn to find out more and explore whether we might be the right partners to help develop your company's approach to climate and nature. 


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