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diagnostic and due diligence

We provide companies with a short, sharp diagnostic on their sustainability (or “ESG”) strategy and progress. For a very constrained cost, this is a great way to shed light on what you should focus your efforts and any subsequent work on to be most effective. Therefore, it has been particularly useful for companies needing to make the case for wider sustainability investment.

Although designed to meet each client’s specific needs and aims, this work tends to cover:

Health check

Analysis of the effectiveness of any existing sustainability-related strategy, plans, goals, accountabilities, and governance structures.


Benchmarking against peers, competitors and sustainability leaders (for financial services this is supported by our proprietary research).

Market scan

A scan of the regulatory, legislative, macro-economic and political environment in relation to potential sustainability implications. 

Materiality lite

A high-level, initial desktop view of which sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities are likely or potentially material to the company. 

Private equity (GPs)

For our private equity clients, we also undertake more detailed ESG due diligence using our robust ESG DDQ which has been built on industry best-practice frameworks.


This goes further than our diagnostic work to provide a more thorough, evidence-based assessment and identify the key risks and commercial opportunities that may influence price either on purchase or sale.

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