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reporting and communication

Communicating your sustainability strategy and delivery plans in an effective and compelling way is critical to achieving the value case that you have worked hard to develop. Without it, stakeholders remain in the dark and the cost, revenue and capital benefits you should expect from your integrated sustainability strategy will not be recognised. 

The sustainability reporting landscape is complex and changing - we help clients gain clarity on what they must do and when, what they should do because there is a meaningful benefit, and (importantly) what they should not do. Too many businesses stretch themselves too thinly across different reporting and disclosure frameworks, putting pressure on resources and sometimes confusing their message. Others stray too close to 'greenwashing' territory with a lack of clarity and authenticity in their communications. 

Having led communications teams, worked in and closely with investor relations teams and been responsible for a tier 1 bank's sustainability reporting and communications, we are well placed to help both plan and execute a pragmatic, engaging and compliant sustainability disclosure strategy. 

We help with...

what to do

"Must do's"
What you have to report / disclose to remain compliant with legislation and regulation (for example, SECR, Modern Slaver, Gender Pay)

how to do it

From reporting strategy to full drafting, we support our clients with:


  • Strategic reporting and communication approach

  • Gap analysis 

  • Content planning

  • Content drafting

  • Review and challenge

Ambitious businesses

As a business grows its turnover, employee base and balance sheet, it will often encounter new reporting and disclosure requirements. 


Having a clear understanding of these milestones and planning ahead is critical to manage the increased load efficiently and remain compliant. 

We help growing businesses understand their reporting pathway, develop effective plans, fill data or policy gaps, upskill team members and write compelling content.

Private equity (GPs)

For our general partner clients, there are two specific aspects to reporting: 

1. the identification of relevant information and the flow of this from PortCos through GPs to LPs as seamlessly as possible

2. efficiently meeting external reporting requirements such as SFDR and UNPRI 

We help GPs take a strategic approach to reporting, helping them get on the front foot and make it efficient, effective, and, ultimately, value-additive. 

Financial services

Allocation of capital is one of the principal levers to address sustainability issues, particularly climate change. Therefore, financial services companies - whether established banks and building societies or newer fintechs and challengers - are under intense scrutiny from multiple stakeholders. 

We have deep experience from past executive-level roles in UK banks, supplemented with Perigon's proprietary UK F/S annual benchmark insights. 

UKFS sustainability benchmark 2023.png

Impact companies

A sub-set of ambitious businesses, we've worked with numerous companies whose business model is all about positive impact. Often this is to do with the transition to net zero, laying down the infrastructure and providing the innovation that society needs. 

Developing an effective narrative that conveys this powerful impact-and-commercial story greatly supports the ability to unlock a sustainability valuation premium.


We help impact companies develop compelling, authentic and robust corporate / sell-side narratives that also resonate with customers and colleagues.  

Common frameworks we work with clients on include:


Carbon Disclosure Project (voluntary)


Climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD, FCA and Companies Act)


Carbon Reduction Plans (via PPN 06/21)


Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (ESRS framework) (EU)

Gender Pay

Gender Pay Gap reporting


Global Reporting Initiative (voluntary)


IFRS S1 and S2 (replacing TCFD and SASB)


Modern Slavery policies and statements


FCA's Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and anti-greenwashing


Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting


Sustainable Financial Disclosures Regulation (Article 6, 8, 9) (EU)


Taskforce for Carbon-related Financial Disclosures (now under ISSB)


Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (voluntary)


Transition Plans (aligned to TPT framework) (currently voluntary)


UN Principles for Responsible Banking / Investment (voluntary)

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