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workshops and training

We help to spread the sustainability word, debunk myths and confusion and empower individuals to act.


From an introduction to the sustainability value case to a deep dive on climate risk considerations, we have experience in successfully engaging people on a range of sustainability (or “ESG”) topics.

We deliver face-to-face and virtual workshops and training sessions to:


Tailored Board workshops and knowledge-building sessions on sustainability (or "ESG"). 

Focused on directors' responsibilities and how they can effectively oversee and challenge sustainability plans or deep dives on particular topics.  


Tailored Executive training sessions and practical workshops on sustainability (or "ESG"). 

Focused on effective strategy and operating models or topical deep dives. 


Practical workshops and training sessions for subject matter experts. Examples include a deep dive into carbon emissions measurement and calculation, considerations of sustainability in the supply chain, avoiding greenwashing in sustainability communications and much more. 


Engaging, inspiring and upskilling teams of colleagues on sustainability (or "ESG"). 

Helping them to understand why its important, the role the company can play and what they can do as individuals to support. 

digital learning

In partnership with:


Working with leading professional learning and development provider, Sustainability Unlocked, we create tailored digital, on demand learning programmes for leaders, specialist teams and colleagues.

You can sample their selection of leading and inspirational experts, courses and learning pathways by clicking the link to set up a free trial (coming soon). 

news and views

We provide weekly news stories, insights and research on our LinkedIn page – follow us to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world of sustainability.

“We partnered with Perigon to deliver a lively session focused on ‘demystifying ESG’ to a group of HR leaders in Scale-Up companies. The content from Emma and Nick and the resulting discussion clarified, focused and inspired with lots of positive feedback from attendees.”

Director, Executive Search and Board Advisory Firm

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Send us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn to find out more and explore whether we might be the right partners to upskill and inform your company about sustainability. 


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